The IP address is an IP address what is taken from Class A IP address and this IP address is used as default IP by many manufacturers of router. You can set this IP address in your router network manually but make sure that all networking devices uses unique IP address what are connected to the device in the same local network.

Process of login to a router using

The process of login to the router is possible by using any browser. Open a browser and type the IP address on the browser address bar and press on enter button from the keyboard. If the IP address is properly, the router login page will appear and on the page, type the username and password. If you could not find the router login username and password, flip the router device and you will get all login information. If you still cannot recover the username and password, then check the manual of the router or visit the website of the router manufacturer. You can use online search engine for login credential for your router. You have select network menu from display.
You can select Dial-up or DSL or from the network list and setup setting up the network. You have to put username and password what you have from your network provider. You can setup the DNS and what is provided by Google in the router. You can change the default login credential from the router console.

Failed to connected to IP

The IP address is set in your router and internet can be connected with the router through the IP address. When any device is connected with the LAN connection, the internet protocol address appears in the TCP/IP network gateway settings. It is possible to locate the connection of a device if the device uses IP address

Common issues are:

With the wrong IP address, the router cannot be located. When a router uses different IP address than, then the device cannot be found. You need to know the router IP address and use “ipconfig” console on the Command prompt (admin) to get Default Gateway. Due to the wrong SSID network the client device cannot connect with the network. From the setting of the networking device, it is possible to set SSID network name or change the connection to automatic. For any networking problem, the setting can be destroyed.

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