If you are attempting to login to the router with the IP address, you are doing wrong thing. The IP address is false. The correct IP is You may use the as default IP address or alternative IP address for access the network. Manufacturers of the router usually set the IP address as default and the higher numbers are used in the IP address as alternation host.
Most of the routers or networking devices use the IP address and this IP address is set by the manufacture. With this correct IP address, you can access the control panel of the router and use all of the applications from the router control panel. You can make change in the settings in LAN, WAN, WLAN settings, IP Qos, DNS, DSL, Proxy, ADSL, MAC, WPS, security options, etc. Using network management console from the router cPanel, you can block devices. Internet connection can become simple for all of the users and home, school, universities etc.

How to access the address of

To get in the router control panel, the IP address should be correct and it is and type the IP address on the browser address bar as and press on Enter button. Type the Username and password on the section when login page comes.

Cannot remind Login username and password?

If you cannot remind the login credentials what you set for your router login, you need to reset the device by pressing reset button of the router or ADSL modem for 15 seconds. If you have forgotten the default login information, then check back of the device. Or check the manual of the router. If the username and password, you have set for your router, you have to reset the device. You cannot do anything else without it. You can reset the device to factory reset.

Reset the device

When you have reset the device, the network connection will be lost and it may take few seconds to 1 minute to reset the device. You should check the router manual if you are new with the reset process of the router.

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