IP address

Many homes routers use the IP address as default IP address and it is found in many models of Belkin and SMC. The manufacturer set the IP address on the device. The settings can be configured by the router administrator after login to the device.

Access to router IP Address

If your router uses the IP address, you can try to access router cPanel. For login to the router, choose a browser and type the IP address http:// on the browser URL bar and press on Enter button. Don not make mistake as http://www.
Due to using the correct IP address, you will get the login page of the router to load and here you have to prompt username and password and click on login button. If the router is not connected with the device, the IP address will show the message “This webpage is not available” instead of the login page.
Many ISP gives networking devices and information to enable the network by typing a name on the web browser instead of the IP address.

What boundaries do I face when using

The IP address is a IPv4 private network and this IP address cannot be accessed from outside of the home network. You have to use public IP address of your router. If you have to setup two different networking devices on your local network, make sure that unique IP address is used for each device. To know the IP address of the router, you may check the default gateway of the device what is currently connected with. You can seek the tutorial of finding the IP address of your router.

How to change the IP address?

The default IP address, username and password are changeable from the router’s admin console. The admin panel of the router gives you option to change all default settings including the IP address.

How can I access

To access the router console, you need to use the IP address what you need to type on the browser’s URL address bar. If you have forgot the custom password, you need to reset the router. You will the reset point back or below of the router and you need to press it.

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