The IP address is a default IP address for router and most of the ADSL modem and routers use this default gateway. A router can use many IP addresses but the IP address is a common IP address for many routers. Except the default IP address, the rest of the IP addresses are called host IP address.
For login to the router, type the correct IP address on the browser URL address. When you are logged in the router administration panel, you can change and setup setting related IP Qos, DNS, LAN, WAN, WLAN settings, network management, Proxy, security options, MAC, DSL, PPPOE, WPS, and DHCP client.

How to login IP Address?

The IP address should be typed on the address bar of the browser in correctly. If the IP address is for your router, you should check the IP address from the manual of the router or see the back side of the router. Once you have got the login page of the router, you have to use username and password for the router. If you do not know the default login details, check below of the router.

What to do if you cannot remind routers username and password?

If you do not know the default login credential for your router and you have not change the default settings, you should check the label of the router where you will get the serial number of the router and rest of the login details. If you have forgot the custom username and password, you have to reset the router. On the router, you will get a tiny reset button. You have to press it for 10 seconds to reset. You may need to use a needle or toothpick. Once reset is done, you have to use default login credentials for login the router.