The IP address is one of the default IP addresses for D-Link and Netgear brands of router. This IP address is similar to and This IP address is identified as private IP address or IPv4. The IP address is generally used for the home routers as default gateway. In the local network, one device can use this IP address for avoiding confliction the devices.

How to access to

For login to the router and access the console the router, use the IP address on the browser’s URL address. Once you reach to the login page of the router login, use the username and password on correct place. If you do have the default username and password of the router, you should check the manual of the router or see the default username and password below of the router or check website of the router. From router admin panel, you can change settings and setup DNS, IP allocation, Routing and more.

Cannot access

If you are facing problem at the login time to the router, you need to check the default gateway or IP address or what you have typed. It is detected that some people mistype the IP address when it is typed. People may type wrong IP address 192.168.O.l or instead the correct one. To get the default gateway or IP address, you can use “ipconfig” console on Command prompt from windows. If the correct IP address does not work, stop the firewall and antivirus from background, then try again.

Process of changing the router password

For changing password from the router, the user need to login to the router control panel by using the IP address and when the login page comes use the username and password. When you press on the Enter button, the administrator panel will load. Now find the section of the password and change the password. You may need to retype the password for confirming.